26.05.2020 - Absence Of Light

New The Ragged Saints song "Absence Of Light" lyric video is out now, check it out!! Feel free to share!!

27.02.2020 - SONIC PLAYGROUND REVISITED more reviews!

The Maloik - Rock Blog 7,5/10 4/5 9+/10 9/10

Rock Hard Magazine (Germany) 6,5/10

Scream Magazine (Norway) 5/6

Via Nocturna 71/100

Uber Rock UK 8/10

AOR Diamonds 8,5/10

Made In Metal

31.01.2020 - SONIC PLAYGROUND REVISITED is out now!

Alright girls & boys; The Ragged Saints second album ”Sonic Playground Revisited” is out now!! We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and couldn’t be happier to share the album with you all. Pour yourself a stiff drink, sit back and enjoy the music!

10.01.2020 - Secret in Our Hearts

New The Ragged Saints song "Secret In Our Hearts" out now, check it out!! Feel free to share!!

06.01.2020 - The Ragged Saints; new music from the sonic playground

After few years hiatus Finnish hard rockers The Ragged Saints are coming back with an old school 80’s hard rock influenced record. Album titled ”Sonic Playground Revisited” contains 10 new songs, and will delight not only The Ragged Saints fans, but also fans of bands like Whitesnake, Def Leppard and Ratt to mention a few.

”New songs are pretty much in the same vein as on the first album. We didn’t really feel the need to experiment too much or change our musical style. Why fix something that is not broken? There’s a bit more keyboards and orchestration on some of the songs and little synth bass here and there, but it’s the same guys who wrote the songs, so the style and sound are pretty much the same as before. Once again studio was our sandpit, our own sonic playground. You can hear the same influences we had when we wrote songs for our first album” says guitarist Toni Bite.

Band has been working on the album on and off for number of years;

”It’s been a work in progress since around 2013. That’s when we did the first demos. Actual recording started a year later, but after that there was a long gap. We didn’t have time to concentrate on the recording at that point. Too many things happening at the same time with our other bands, projects and in our personal lives. But I’m glad that it has taken so long, it has given us time to distance ourselves from the songs and look at them from different perspective. Now we’re really happy with how every song turned out. We’re looking forward to hearing what other people think, because we love the record. It’s the kind of music we listen to at home” continues guitarist Tomi Julkunen.

The Ragged Saints was formed in 2011 by guitarists Tomi Julkunen and Toni Bite. After writing bunch of songs they recruited like-minded singer Markku Kuikka, bassist Jukka Hoffrén and drummer Miikki Kunttu ”not to reinvent the wheel but to play melodic hard rock music we all have loved since the day one”. Shortly after forming they began working on their first record. Band’s well received and critically acclaimed debut album ”The Sound Of Breaking Free” was released in 2013.

New Album "Sonic Playground Revisited" will be released world wide on January 31, 2020 via German AOR Heaven Label.

The Ragged Saints is:

Markku Kuikka - vocals
Tomi Julkunen - guitars
Toni Bite - guitars
Jukka Hoffrèn - bass
Miikki Kunttu - drums

02.07.2019 - Are you ready for our second coming?

More information soon!!!!

31.05.2015 - The Ragged Saints

The Ragged Saints (Finland) are currently working on a follow up to critically acclaimed hard rock album - The Sound Of Breaking Free. New song - Pretending Diamond - is up for free streaming on Soundcloud.

"Second album is on the way, we've been writing and recording lots of songs already. Not sure about the release date yet but be patient folks, it's shaping up nicely and will be worth the wait. We're also looking for a new record label and it always takes a while to work that out" says guitarist Tomi Julkunen.

The debut album was released via German record label POWER PROG in 2013 and received great reviews all over the world. Record was mixed at Sonic Pump Studios by Nino Laurenne (Amorphis, Lordi, Finntroll, Kotipelto) and mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck (Volbeat, Rammstein, Amorphis, Sonata Arctica).

For more info, interviews and photos please contact:

Tomi Julkunen p.+358 40 8140887, email:

30.10.2014 - Four new songs recorded and mastered

Alright girls and boys; just finished mixing four songs for the album number two! All is good in Raggedland at the moment. On October 25th we will celebrate the first anniversary of "The Sound Of Breaking Free" album So watch this space!!

27.05.2014 - Second album in the works

Hey there girls and boys! It's been a bit quiet lately but there's a good reason; we've been writing and demoing songs for the album number two. Sounds great so far!

Some of the working titles are; "Just Believe", "Take Me With You", "Leave The Past Behind" and "Never Gonna Let You Down". First drum recording session starts on June 8th at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki. We'll keep you posted!

06.04.2014 - New live show added

Hey girls and boys! It was nice to play live in Suisto Klubi and Blackpool after a short break. Our next live show will be on May 3rd 2014 in Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki. We are warming up the stage for wonderful Finnish hardrock band Free Spirit. You can get your tickets from here

18.03.2014 - Live and review


Some live shows added:

04.04.2014 Suisto, Hämeenlinna - with Baton Rogue Morgue

12.07.2014 Tirmo Blues, Porvoo - festival

REVIEW - HardRockHaven 9.5/10

31.01.2014 - Digital single "Love Won't Fade Away" and Live show added


You can download it from here: Love Won't Fade Away

Released by: Power Prog (2014)

New Live Show added : 05.04.2014 Blackbool, Järvenpää /with Mind Of Doll

26.01.2014 - Video "Love won't fade away"

Alright girls and boys!

Here it is, the video for Love Won't Fade Away - Feel free to share!

22.01.2014 - Live show and review

A new review of our debut album -!!!

LIVE *** 25.01.2014 Suisto, Hämeenlinna - with To/Die/For


30.12.2013 - Live show and reviews & live photos by Toni Salminen

news review 5/5

Robex Lundgren musik blogg interview

LIVE *** 08.02.2014 House Of Rock, Kouvola - with To/Die/For

Metalscope photos by Toni Salminen - Nosturi 29.11.2013


by Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

'The Sound Of Breaking Free' the stunning debut release from Finnish rockers, The Ragged Saints is an extremely well-written melodic rock album. The Ragged Saints are Markku Kuikka on vocals, Tomi Julkunen on guitars, Toni Bite on guitars, Jukka Hoffrén on bass and Miikki Kunttu on drums. The Ragged Saints serve up an impressive debut outing. Every song is a winner, and before too long you'll find yourself singing along to just about every track. Album opener, "The Sound Of Breaking Free" starts things off with a bang, and is easily worth the price of the album all by itself. Other highlights of the album are, "A Place Where I Belong", "New Beginnings", "Love Won't Fade Away" and "While The World Is Burning" which fall in the melodic hard rock (bordering on melodic metal) category. "Never Walk Away" contains catchy guitar riffs, one of the album's most addictive choruses and an energetic vocal performance filled with emotion and confidence. "The End" is the perfect album closer. It carries an epic atmosphere vibe of mid-career Europe and early Pretty Maids. Tomi Julkunen and Toni Bite demonstrate amazing guitar work and Markku Kuikka delivers a true vocal exhibition. 'The Sound Of Breaking Free' is an knockout of a release that will be loved by melodic rock fans, while it will surely be respected by open minded metal fans as well. Fans of Journey, Foreigner and Toto will probably love this too. The Ragged Saints should be in every melodic rock fan's collection.

- Highly Recommended

Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

15.11.2013 - New live gig added!, Nice review from Spain


The Sound Of Breaking Free review - Fallen Angel Of Rock (90/100)

***LIVE*** 29.11.2013 Nosturi, Helsinki - with Reckless Love

It's gonna be a great show!

25.10.2013 - Debut album "The Sound Of Breaking Free" out today!


Big day for us, our first album is out today. It feels amazing as we were not even supposed to make a record and be a real gigging and recording band when we started this whole thing. Anyway, less than two years later here we are. Go and get the album and if you happen to be in Helsinki tonite come and celebrate with us at Bar Bäkkäri.
It's gonna be a great show!

24.10.2013 - Some new reviews!


The Sound Of Breaking Free review - (3.5/5)

The Sound Of Breaking Free review - (5.5/10)

The Sound Of Breaking Free review - (9.5/10)

The Sound Of Breaking Free review - Rock-garage (8/10)

The Sound Of Breaking Free review - RockNytt (7/10)

18.10.2013 - A New Review!


The Sound Of Breaking Free review - (7+/10)

13.10.2013 - A New Review!


The Sound Of Breaking Free review - Markus' Heavy Music Blog

12.10.2013 - Album teaser!

10.10.2013 - A New Review!


The Sound Of Breaking Free review - METALMARK.BLOGSPOT - Heavy Metal Time Machine

08.10.2013 - The First Review!


The Sound Of Breaking Free review - METAL-TEMPLE.COM (9/10)

30.9.2013 - The Sound Of Breaking Free pre-orders


Levykauppa Äx

PowerProg store

Nightmare records store

14.9.2013 - Title track "The Sound Of Breaking Free" available as a free download now!


Power Prog have released the title track "The Sound Of Breaking Free" from the album as a free download. Check it out and download it from Power Prog's website or Soundcloud.

04.09.2013 - Debut album "The Sound Of Breaking Free" release date announced

We're more than happy to announce our first album's release date; big day for us will be October 25.

  1. The Sound Of Breaking Free
  2. A Place Where I Belong
  3. Don't Let Me Go
  4. I'll Never Give Up On Love
  5. Love Won't Fade Away
  6. We Are The Same
  7. While The World Is Burning
  8. New Beginnings
  9. Never Walk Away
  10. Before Time Goes By
  11. The End

Welcome to the Ragged Saints brand new website!

newsFinally we got our website up and running. Hope you come and check it every now and again as we will put up news and other stuff you won't find on Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy and feel free to spread the word about!!!

The first single in september, album out in the shops in october

newsAs everything is now ready with recording, mixing and mastering we decided to release the first digital single from the forthcoming album as a free download! It will be remixed and remastered version of the title track "The Sound Of Breaking Free". Full album will be out in October, official release date will be announced soon.

Official release show at Bar Bäkkäri

newsYes, it's getting closer folks! The official album release show will be at Bar Bäkkäri on October 25. It's friday so mark your calendars and polish you best dancing shoes. It will be a great night, we will play the whole album and more importantly; you can buy the album straight from the band :-)

Demos for the second album on the way!

newsBack to 70's style album release cycle? That would be cool but let's be realistic; every second year is the way to go :-) We have already started writing and demoing the second album so there's a good chance to get it out in late 2014 or early 2015. Still at early stages with song writing but we're sure it will be another killer from The Raggedy Five.

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Buy the album:

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