The Ragged Saints

"What would you do if you had lots of spare time and great musician friends around you? Well, we formed a band to play music we love; hard rock. Not reinventing the wheel, just playing and enjoying the kind of music we have grown up with."

Guitarist Tomi Julkunen and Toni Bite came up with an idea to form a new band after Whitesnake concert when they realized their love for 80’s hard rock bands. With spare time in their hands they decided to write and record couple of songs just for fun. One song turned into two, two into three and soon enough they had albums worth of brand new hard rock songs.

Like-minded bass player Jukka Hoffrén and drummer Miikki Kunttu joined them a bit later when it was time to start recording those songs in the studio. Singer Markku Kuikka was the last member to join the band in the fall of 2012. The Ragged Saints was born.

The first album is ready for release, gigs are being booked and the future looks bright for the New Wave Of Finnish Hard Rock.

Long live The Ragged Saints!

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The Ragged Saints uses:

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